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Ep. 25 - Dull

Updated: Nov 28, 2020

On episode 25 - Dull, Max, Beau, and Casey discuss dating when someone is dull.

Life can be exciting and thrilling and no more is this the case when it comes to dating and find someone new. What happens when we encounter the utterly dull and boring? What is exciting to some can be painfully boring to others. Can we add a little spice to our dating and sex lives?

Casey Durham from Dallas is our stand-in guest co-host, and our favorite and beloved Brooklyn Steele will be back in our next episode. Beau catches up with a girl from his past. Later he practices getting out of his comfort zone and braves facing rejection. Maxwell updates us on the drunk cutie who asked him out at birthday dinner and meets a guy for brunch that seems to "measure up" or down to Max. Casey puts the breaks on a stunningly beautiful man and reflects on the decision.

"I'd rather be cautious than reckless at the end of the day...Respect where someone's heart is." -Casey Durham

"I can't control how someone feels about me but I don't have to make it worse for them." - Maxwell Anders

Guest: Kevin McKenzie from Dallas is our dating guru.

Dating Book/Article Review: "You Should Date Someone Boring" by Mariem Sherif, from Thought Catalog.

Call to Action: Exciting is sexy and attractive or so we are told. We are brought up to seek out spontaneity and novel experiences when finding romantic love. Do we judge all books by their cover and label someone boring by the mere fact that they are different or unfamiliar? Do we discount someone as boring because they appear to lack the zest for life that we look for or are they too exciting for us because we fear trying something new? Could we look beyond appearances and see that there may be that hidden gem in all of us and that no one is boring or dull? The choice is yours.

Episode Quote:

Everything written with vitality expresses that vitality; there are no dull subjects, only dull minds." - Raymond Chandler, The Simple Art of Murder

Shout Out: This episode’s shout out goes writer Tracy McMillan. You have heard us repeatedly mention Tracy’s TED Talk, “The Person You Really Need to Marry.” Tracy wrote for television news for 15 years and her biggest tv credit is Mad Men. In 2011, she wrote, “Why You’re Not Married” now considered the most-view article on the Huffington Post ever. Tracy shares her experiences with love and life and helps others find their true love, themselves. Check out her latest book, “Why You’re Not Married, Yet.” On Amazon and Kindle. Check out Tracy McMillan at and on YouTube.

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