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Ep. 21 - baDass

On episode 21 - baDass, we discuss being a badass in dating and relationships.  

We have all know the person who has presence, charisma, and magnetism. They enter the room and draw the crowd.  Is it a game of chance or the law of attraction that creates the badass? Is this something one is born with or is it learned? Can we harness magnetism in our dating experiences? Moreover, can two badasses attract each other?  Do we see ourselves as the badass or do others see us as such?

Brooklyn updates us on how couple's therapy is coming along and its effect on their sex life.  Meanwhile, Beau checks out one of the Dallas comedy clubs, and a party girl asks Beau for his number.  Max takes the recommendations from dating experts on creating dating profiles and the responses explode. 

Maxwell Anders Quotes for this episode:

"People show us who they are early on. We just have to be willing to see it."

"We teach people how to treat us."

Max discusses the analogy of the racehorse and the donkey from the tv show "Absolutely Fabulous" Season 4, Ep. 4. In the episode called "Donkey," the characters believe that a racehorse (badass) is best when paired with a donkey who helps it to stay calm and stable or else two racehorses kick the crap out of each other.

Eddie identifies with the donkey. Image from Absolutely Fabulous., Episode "Donkey"
Eddie identifies with the donkey. Image from Absolutely Fabulous., Episode "Donkey"

Check out "Absolutely Fabulous" on Hulu.

Guest: Josh the Stud from Dallas is our guest dating guru.

Dating Book/Article Review: "How to Date a Badass" by Cristina Goyanes from Men’s Health.

Call to Action: Society depicts the badass in so many ways.  They are hilarious, bold, confident, sexy, and brilliant just to name a few. Their light shines bright and attracts from afar. Badasses are either born or they can be self-made. The key is self-love and acceptance. Shine in your own light and you will be seen. Walk with your head held up high and you will be respected. Will we embrace ourselves for the bad-asses we truly are, or will we continue to chase after someone else's definition of a badass? The choice is yours.  

Episode Quote:

“To acquire love... fill yourself up with it until you become a magnet.”― Charles Haanel
Charles Haanel
Charles Haanel

Shout Out: The episode’s shout out goes to RJCA$HMONEY also known as Rajan Joshi from Dallas, Texas.  We had the pleasure of meeting RJCA$HMONEY in Preston Hollow and he gave us a live performance. Give him some love by checking him out on SoundCloud and TikTok.  Hopefully, we will get him in the studio for a future show.

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Havana by Soyb & Amine Maxwell

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