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Ep. 28 - Danger

Updated: Dec 29, 2020

On episode 28 - Danger, Max, Brooklyn, and Pam open up about risky dating and relationships.

Trouble Trouble Trouble. Can't get enough of it and can’t get away from it? We love exciting and we love the thrill of life. However, sometimes, too much of a good thing puts us at risk in our dating, love, and sex lives. Some are attracted to it and can’t seem to be happy any other way. Is dating on the edge thrilling or just fool hearty and dangerous?

Pam Edwards is our guest co-host filling in for Beau who will be back in the next episode. Max identifies some red flags with a potential suitor and later goes on a picnic date with a sweetheart. Did sparks fly? Pam updates us on some major growth she is encountering with her partner. Brooklyn shares how he and his boyfriend eloquently handle conflict resolution.

Max goes on a picnic date

"I think I used to use dangerous situations as a way to feel because I was so blocked off and numb most of the time." -Pam Edwards

"Before when I would think about dating, I would think about what they needed to be, have, or look like, but now, I want to be the guy at the party that I want to take home " -John Chapman

Guest: John Chapman from Dallas is our guest dating guru for this episode.

Dating Book/Article Review: "Warning Signs of Dangerous Relationships: Why We Ignore Them on First, Second and Third Dates" by Joni E. Johnston, Psy. D. from Psychology Today.

Call to Action: Attraction, sexual, and emotional, can be very strong. So strong that we may choose to ignore red flags. Our intuition is a good way to gauge a new person, and our gut will tell us something is not right or that we are safe and can proceed. Sometimes we are only used to chaos and danger in relationships and thus this is our normal. People show us who they are early on if we are willing to see it. Can we start recognizing the warning signs in the beginning and take action to live happy and fulfilling love lives or will we continue to play our precarious encounters and finding ourselves in danger? The choice is yours.

Episode Quote:

Expectations are dangerous when they are both too high and unformed.” ― Lionel Shriver from "We Need to Talk About Kevin"

Shout Out: This episode’s shout out goes to Psych2go. The Psych2go Channel on YouTube "provides a weekly dose of fun and interesting psychology, creepy psychology, psychopaths, serial killers, pop psychology, political psychology. Pretty much whatever you learn in school, but just in a way that you can apply and relate." Psych2go provides lots of love, and relationship videos and articles based on psychology and evidence-backed research. Check out Psych2go on YouTube and check out their site at

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