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Ep. 18 - Denied

On episode 18, Denied, we dive into the topic of rejection and denial.

At some point in our lives, we all face rejection and denial. Hearing “NO” doesn’t necessarily feel good.  It can hurt like hell, but it can make us stronger. Sometimes we find ourselves having to say “NO” in a variety of dating and romantic situations. It can be painful, empowering, scary, and funny.  One thing is certain.  We can always learn from it.

Beau opens up about his new dating interest. Max reconsiders whether to use dating apps right now, and Brooklyn brings his new book to the studio, "Gayma Sutra: The Complete Guide" by Axel Neustaedter.

Guest: John Valverde, the founder, and designer, of Uptown Jerk Store, is our guest dating guru.

Call to Action: It's been said many times, “No” is a complete sentence and there are worse things in this world than hurt feelings.  Rejection and denial are rites of passage and experiences all humans must endure.  The key is what we do with rejection.  Are we able to receive rejection and respect boundaries as well as we give them? Are we dismissive and demeaning to those we say no to or do we show the same dignity and respect that we would like to be shown when it’s simply not in the cards? The choice is yours.

Episode Quote:

“The pain of rejection is nothing like the pain of regret.” -Matthew Hussey
Matthew Hussey - Photograph by Hollywood LIfe
Matthew Hussey - Photograph by Hollywood LIfe

Shout Out: The episode’s shout out goes to Matthew Hussey.  Matthew is a world-renowned motivational speaker and dating guru. He has helped thousands of men and women worldwide with dating and tapping into the skills needed to find the relationship they deserve.  Matthew has a radio show on iHeartRadio and a video show on YouTube.  His book Get the Guy has sold millions of copies and he has been featured on numerous tv shows.  Check out Matthew Hussey at

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