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Ep. 5 - Devils

Updated: Aug 8, 2020

On episode 5, Max, Charlie, and Sommer discuss the fascination and love of bad boys and bad girls and why we find them so attractive.

Bad boys and bad girls are iconic from James Dean to Lindsay Lohan. We are drawn to them. What does that say about us? Why are we attracted to devils? Do we love being on the edge and getting burned? Is it our infinite quest to tame the shrew? Do good guys ever win? 

Guest: John Fox from Dallas is our dating guru in the studio. He shares his experiences with dating bad girls.

Dating Challenge: This episodes’s dating challenge is to consider a devil in our life and ask ourselves why we return to them?  Can we be open to being attracted to good guys and good girls and foster an attraction with meaningful possibilities? Dating Quiz:  Are You Attracted To Gentlemen or Bad Boys? You can’t help who fall for. Or can you? And should you?” from  

Dating Book/Article Review: Why It’s Time to Stop Dating Bad Guys Once & For All” from The

Call to Action: Our attractions and desires are formed early in adolescence.  Sometimes we become attracted to the unattainable.  We get into patterns of fixing or helping those we believe need fixing or helping. We feel that attaining the unattainable says that we have arrived.  Our call to action this week is:  We are worth lives full of joy, happiness, love, and sex. We can share it with men and women who enrich and support our dreams and aspirations or we can share with the rest, the choice is yours. 

Episode Quote:

Because I'm a good girl, I tend to fall for the bad boy persona, and it ends up biting me in the butt. They end up not knowing how to treat me, and I end up completely devastated.” –Camila Cabello

Shout Out: This week’s shout out goes to Secretly Timid.  Secretly Timid is a hilariously irreverent round table podcast surrounding Dallas and various interests. Big hello to Jon, Megan, Otieno, and Sarah. Jon and Megan will be our guests in upcoming episodes. 

Check out Secretly Timid at and listen to check them out on Apple Podcasts.

Music featured on this episode:

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