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Ep. 15 - Digitized

On the Season Finale - Digitized, Max, Charlie, and Sommer discuss their latest encounters with online dating. Dating has evolved tremendously in recent years. From chatrooms to dating sites to now dating apps where you only have seconds to swipe left or right for your prospective love interest. 

We say goodbye to one of our beloved cohosts, and we announce the new team coming on board for season two.

Guest: Brooklyn Steele returns as our guest to discuss his forays and frolics with online dating.

Dating Quiz: "Online Dating and Real Life: A Quiz" from CNN.

Dating Book/Article Review: "Why Online Dating Can Feel Like Such an Existential Nightmare by Derek Thompson at The Atlantic.

Call to Action: Technology is changing the way we interact with each other in the realm of online dating, matchmaking, and hookups.  Can we remember that behind each profile and before each swipe is a person attempting to connect with another on some level?  Will we hide behind our mobile devices and continue to act out old behaviors that prevent us from meeting a great person or can we see the apps and dating sites simply as tools to try something new and get out of our convenience zone.  The choice is yours. 

Episode Quote:

It’s right there in the name. It’s not ‘Great Cupid’ or even ‘Good Cupid.’ It’s OkCupid,” - Comedian, Helen Hong.

Preview for Season 2: As we wrap us Season 1 in 2019, we say goodbye to Sommer Bailey and wish her lots of love and support.  We will be taking a two-month break and will be returning in March 2020 for Season 2. 

We have changes in store for Dating and The Big D.  As you may have noticed, we had a couple of guests returns as stand-in cohosts on more than one occasion. Beau Alexander will be joining us as our co-host and Brooklyn Steele will be our reoccurring episode correspondent with a segment answering your e-mails and calls and giving us his unique perspective being in a relationship.  

A preview of the topics we will be covering in Season 2:  Deviance – fetishes, Divorce, Dexters – psychos, Destiny, and much more coming up for Season 2 of Dating and The Big D. 

Shout Out: This episode’s shout goes to the Austrian screenwriter and director Gregor Schmidinger.  Gregor is best known for his 2019 feature film “Nevrland”, and for his short film “Homophobia.”  In 2015, during hisTEDtalk inDonauinselcalled “How to Become a Sex God”, Gregor shared his experience with overcoming his porn addiction and erectile dysfunction during his 20s. 

Gregor is working on the Sex God Project as a resource for men dealing with addiction and porn-related sexual dysfunctions.  Check out Gregor Schmidinger on youtube, Facebook, and on his site

Music featured on this episode:

"Who Likes to Party" by Kevin MacLeod ( CC BY ( Music from

"Protofunk" by Kevin MacLeod ( CC BY ( Music from

"Half Mystery" by Kevin MacLeod CC BY ( Music from

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