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Ep. 4 - Diversity

Maxwell Anders, Charlie Gold, and Sommer Bailey explorer Diversity in our dating lives. What does diversity mean to us and are we open to it? Does race, culture, religion, and ancestry association play a part in your romantic life? Does bias play a part in our sexual attraction? Are we open to consider someone of a different race, creed, religion, culture, and ancestry?

Diversity is colorful

Guest: Drew B from Dallas is this episode's guest. He shares his experiences with diversity in dating. Dating Quiz: This quiz is actually a food-for-thought article, “7 Things Everyone Should Understand About Interracial Relationships” from the HuffPost.

Dating Book/Article Review: “What Dating is like in 20 Countries” - The Insider

Call to Action: Humans are wired for connections. Studies show that babies and toddlers show empathy and extend assistance to each other regardless of race, creed, culture, and religious association. Might we be able to make the connections romantic or otherwise regardless of such biases? The choice is yours.

Episode Quote: “Infinity Diversity in Infinite Combinations.” – Vulcan Proverb

Shout Out: This episode’s Shout Out goes to Phillip Estes. Phillip Estes is a coffeeshop blogger in Austin Texas. He captures beautiful photos of coffee shops around the world. If you want to know the place to go for the ambiance, crowd, and coffee visit his Instagram onegratefullife.

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