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Ep. 10 - Douchebags

On Episode 10 - Douchebags, Max, Charlie, and Sommer discuss Douchebags.

Douchebags are everywhere.  We have fallen for a few. They are bad boys and naughty girls. They can seem fun, exciting, and unattainable. We love them, and we hate them but sometimes we just can't help ourselves. What is our fascination with douchebags?

This is our lost episode that we had to record twice. Our haunted and lost episode is finally released!

After Sommer got hit on at Target in the last episode, now Charlie gets hit on at Target by a hottie in scrubs!

The drive-thru guy at the burger drive-thru near school lays it on thick with Max. Max goes on a pizza date at Crooked Crusted in Denton with a guy from his class, and the gang reviews Facebook Dating.

Guest: Janis J from Dallas is our guest.

Dating Challenge: This week’s dating challenge is to identify the next guy or girl that you are attracted to and consider if they are a douchebag and why. You may be surprised by what you may find, and you may be shocked to find out you are the douchebag.  

Dating Quiz: "Is Your Boyfriend a Douche Bag? Find Out Here" from First-To-Know.

Dating Book/Article Review: We discuss two articles on this episode and we have science on our side with one of the articles, "Science May Have Just Explained Why Hot Guys Are Douchebags" from Mic and "Stuff Gay People Like: Being Attracted to Douchebags" from Out Front Magazine.

Call to Action: Douchebags may be reflections of what we fail to see within ourselves and what lies in the shallow recesses of our subconscious. Can we look beyond surfaces and immediate gratification?  Can we seek for ourselves and in others what is truly lasting and enduring which is connection? The choice is yours.

Episode Quote:

“I will not try to convince you to love me, to respect me, to commit to me. I deserve better than that; I AM BETTER THAN THAT...Goodbye.” ―SteveMaraboli, "Unapologetically You: Reflections on Life and the Human Experience"

Shout Out: This episode's Shout Out goes to Actor-Filmmaker-Poet-Activist, Wade Radford. Check out Wade Radford at

Music featured on this episode:

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