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Ep. 12 - Dumb luck

On Episode 12 - Dumb luck, Max, Beau, and Drew discuss their experiences with dumb luck and dating. Does dumb luck ever play a part in our dating and romantic encounters?

Beau Alexander and Drew Brownwood return as guest co-hosts for Charlie and Sommer. Max practices the new flirting techniques he learned on a cute new guy he has a crush on. Beau takes the last episode's dating challenge to heart and headbangs at a concert, updates us on the ongoing saga with a girl, and Drew got a phone number from a peppy cutie.

Guest: Preston from Dallas is our dating guru.

Dating Quiz: Do I Have a Love, Lust, or Loser Relationship?" from Psych Central.

Dating Book/Article Review: "Social Skills – The Right Way" by Dean Mack available on Audible.

Call to Action: We think that if the stars are aligned or that if we plan accordingly, we will find the one we are looking for.  Is it possible to be open to chance and to consider that love and relationships can flourish by chance and possibly by dumb luck? The choice is yours. 

Episode Quote:

"Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity.” - Seneca

Shout Out: We give a shout out to Collin College celebrating their 35-year anniversary.

Music featured on this episode:

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