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Ep. 14 - Dumped

On Episode 14 - Dumped, Max, Beau, and Conrad discuss their experiences with being dumped or having to dump someone.

Unless you live in a fairytale, we all have been dumped or have had to dump someone we were dating. It usually doesn’t feel good and sometimes we try to prolong the relationship to avoid this often uncomfortable experience.

Beau Alexander returns as our stand-in cohost and Conrad Dickson joins us as our guest cohost. Beau spills the tea why he had to block his ex from the last episode. Conrad gets to practice healthy boundaries with an ex and shares how he handles breakups. Max shares the first few dates he's had with two guys now that he's started dating.

Guest: Clinton Richie from Dallas is this episode's dating guru.

Dating Book/Article Review: "How Long You Should Wait To Date Again After A Break Up According to Experts by Sarah Hendricks at Business Insider from Thrive Global.

Call to Action: Relationships are wonderfully complicated. They can be dynamic, and they can tumultuous. Yet sometimes things must come to an end. Can we be honest with ourselves and our partners and come to an honest and amicable end? Can we learn from our breakups and take the time to reflect and move forward with our lessons learned? The choice is yours.

Episode Quote:

"Remember that sometimes not getting what you want is  a wonderful stroke of luck.” –Dalai Lama

Shout Out: This episode’s Shout Out goes to TheAlcoballics– Dallas Gay Dodgeball Team. Max is on The Alcoballics team along with some of our past guests. The Dallas Gay Dodgeball league has grown with open call games last weekend and the turn out was phenomenal.  Check out their games with their season starting in January 2020.

Check out if you are interested in joining the Gay Dodge Ball league in your city.

Music featured on this episode:

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