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Ep. 41-Dawn (Season 4 Premiere)

On the Premiere of Season 4, Episode 41 - Dawn, Max explores new beginnings in dating.

We often fear the end or a turning point in our life, especially when it comes to our romantic partnerships. Full of fear, anxiety, and trepidation we ponder the next step we must take when starting over.

Maxwell was on a break from dating to work on himself and is starting to talk to guys again on the dating apps.

"It's our right to say what our time is...only I can know." -South Dallas Foodie

"No matter where I go there, I am, and that's the best part of it because I am a whole person. I don't need anything else. I already have everything that I need." - Maxwell Anders

"I like to say that we shine, and when you are confident in yourself you shine more." -Maxwell Anders

Episode Guest: Dallas celebrity South Dallas Foodie is our special guest on this episode and shares about her dating life and new beginning. Later she fills us in about the great and exciting things to do in Dallas for Spring and Summer. Great Dallas date spots:

Article Review " How to start dating again after a break" by Anna Lovine at,

Episode Takeaway:

When starting over it can be scary. We do not know what the other side is going to be like. We know what now and yesterday were like and that is usually full of fear because of memories of things that have happened to us. The greatest opportunity we have is to try something new and walk-through fear. It does take work. It does take exploring in us and delving in ourselves, but I think in the end it is always worth trying something new and being open to the journey.

Episode quote:

"What the caterpillar calls the end the rest of the world calls a butterfly.”- Lao Tzu
Lao Tzu

Shoutout to Black Swan Yoga in Dallas.

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